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Fruits & Herbs

Get the best plants from Wonder Gardens, a respected retail garden center in Plantation, Florida. We offer fruit trees as well as seasonal vegetables and herbs.


Liven up your yard and garden with our exotic plants and the native plants we sell. Our company works hard to bring rare and beautiful plants to your family's home.


Don't kill your plants with deadly chemicals. We offer organic pesticides to ward off and kill pesky bugs and organic fertilizers to always keep your plants healthy.

Who We Are

Look no further than Wonder Gardens of Plantation, Florida, for the best retail garden center. We specialize in tropical fruit trees, butterfly gardening, and native Florida plants. Roxie and Lenny are very knowledgeable and spend time with each customer. We offer a nice ambience and gardening atmosphere.

Our company is family-owned-and-operated and we have been in the same location for more than 25 years. We make sure customers only leave when they know how to care for their plants properly.

Contact us today for the best products at our retail garden center.

More Than 40 Years of Experience